Technology Customized for Your Business.
Technology Customized for Your Business.

Managed Services

We believe that technology is a critical piece of every business.  Without technology, companies could not communicate, produce goods and services, service customers or even make money. 


Traditionally, technology companies have done “break-fix computer work” - something breaks and they fix it either remotely or with an onsite visit. Profits are driven by the failure of customer systems. We do things differently. 


We offer MANAGED SERVICES PLANS tailored to fit the needs of our customers.  Our plans are designed to be easily understood, flexible and to allow customers to select the right amount of support based on their business needs.


What is a MANAGED SERVICE PLAN? It is a package of services dedicated to computers, servers, network monitoring and maintenance. They are designed to provide YOU with peace of mind, reduce operating costs, speed up productivity, lower risk, and to remove the complexity of managing IT issues.


We are rewarded when your systems STAY RUNNING.  That is our incentive.


We offer four Managed Services Plans that allow you to gain technology support as needed, performed onsite or remotely.  We can even give you a worksheet where you pick, choose and design your own Managed Services Plan to fit the the coverage and price you need.


Call us when you need us, pay as you go IT Support.  You gain access to experienced consultants and utilize our relationships with Microsoft, Dell, HP, and others.  There is no financial commitment at any time.


Our entry-level offering, BASIC CARE, includes the automated maintenance and upkeep of your servers and PCs.  We provide managed antivirus software and perform routine automated maintenance such as Windows Updates and Weekly Temp files cleanup and disk defragmentation, OS Monitoring and Reporting, and inventory tracking.  This service keeps your operating systems and antivirus software up to date and protected so you do not have to worry and your investment is protected.


Our intermediate offering. MANAGED CARE, takes the features of BASIC CARE and adds Break/Fix activities.  For every device covered, we handle any normal maintenance issues that arise and address any problems that occur as a part of this service, whether remotely or onsite (if possible).  You have peace of mind knowing that you have support that can help you and fix your issues at any time, all included in one price.


Our Premier offering, TOTAL CARE, is what it says - total care for your covered devices.  Along with the features of BASIC and MANAGED CARE, TOTAL CARE adds any new activities needed to support your covered devices.  When you want something connected, new software installed, new features added, whether remotely or onsite (if possible), all services are included in the monthly price.  No more extra bills or other issues; your covered devices are taken care of.

Need more Options? In addition to these plans, we can give you a worksheet where you pick, choose and design your own Managed Services Plan to fit the the coverage and price you need.  Just give us a call!

Additional services

  • Total Managed Services.
  • IT Staff Augmentation and IT Outsourcing.
  • 7x24 Support, 365 days per year.
  • Managed Antivirus.
  • Asset Tracking.
  • Managed Online backup.
  • Mobile Device Management.
  • Interactive Help sessions for PCs and MACs.

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