Technology Customized for Your Business.
Technology Customized for Your Business.

Asset Tracking

Managing and tracking IT software and hardware needs to be quick and easy. We can perform automatic scans of your customers’ networks, cut time and hassle spent on manual Asset Tracking and use our built-in remote Asset Tracking component.  It's Easy!

Asset and Inventory Tracking

For customer that need in-depth knowledge of what you’re looking after, we can record, track, and manage your hardware and asoftware assets and provide you with a dashboard to:

  • View configuration information
  • Prepare comprehensive inventory tracking reports and tracking asset changes
  • Track software license compliance
  • Audit software and hardware changes and confirm expected state is actual state

Cut costs with easier administration

Access detailed hardware and software information on your Dashboard anytime, anywhere, down to serial numbers, software versions, processor type, memory, and more.

  • Cut administration effort with your own custom fields for asset number, installation date, warranty date, care pack details or any other information you need
  • Cut costs by spotting banned software. Your scheduled scan will spot when someone has installed it – so you can take action before it causes problems

Easy reporting and viewing of assets

Additional services

  • Onsite hardware audit and inventory.
  • Hardware cleaning and maintenance.
  • Software library management.

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