Technology Customized for Your Business.
Technology Customized for Your Business.

Infrastructure Technology Optimization

Infrastructure Technology or “IT” refers to the collection of hardware, software, network, and other resources needed to delivery technology to its employees, customers, and partners.  To stay competitive, companies have to be able to rapidly utilize and deploy new technologies to take advantage of innovations that allow them to better serve their customers.


In the past few years there has been a consumerization of IT.  Mobile devices and anytime, anywhere data access has become the new normal.  How can companies keep up?  Carnes Group can help you create the right platform to allow you to reduce costs, respond more quickly to business needs, and take advantage of tools that formerly were only available to very large corporations.

Server and Cloud Platform

Microsoft's Server and Cloud Platform offerings allow customers to transform and extend the power of their Infrastructure technology by using shared and on-demand products, software and resources – commonly called "the cloud computing" or just "the cloud". Microsoft Cloud OS Vision - Cloud computing and virtualization, Consumerization of IT, and Datacenter offerings – create a unified platform for modern businesses. Learn more about Server and Cloud Platform.

Learn more about Server and Cloud Platform


Desktop and Device Management

Desktop and Device Management makes sure your users have access to the data they needs from anywhere at any time. We provide standardization, management, security, and deployment of PCs and MACs, Thin clients, tablets (Surface, iPad), and mobile (iPhone, Android, Windows phone).  We can provide remote management of these devices with the ability to add, maintain, and delete software,  provide user/policy management, lockdown, encryption and device security strategies. We can also assist with client/mobile device software decisions, asset and configuration compliance.


We standardize and manage all your devices - on premise, virtual or mobile - with set-up of patch management, application compatibility, deployment, and control measures.
Learn more about Desktop and Device Management


IT Processes and Compliance

Process and Compliance provides a framework for organizations to plan, develop, deploy, and support IT services and solutions while helping to ensure high reliability and availability. It also helps organizations plan alignment of IT with business goals and define policies and reliability definitions for the IT accountability. IT Process and Compliance helps organizations define compliance and audit controls that contribute to efficient management of IT processes.


We help keep your business software licensing compliance and help ensure IT processes and technology business-use policies are developed and understood for your employees.


Keep it organized and keep it legal! 
Learn more about IT Processes and Compliance services

Additional services

  • Hardware procurement
  • Microsoft Open Licensing
  • Software procurement
  • CIO Services
  • IT Budget Planning
  • Staff Augmentation

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