Technology Customized for Your Business.
Technology Customized for Your Business.

Server and Cloud Platform

As a full-service IT consulting firm, Carnes Group LLC offers the following services:


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing services allow your systems and applications to run outside your business or 'in the cloud". It gives you "more, faster" – so your employees can deliver new projects and products, manage more devices easily. It removes the limits on your technology.


Microsoft Office 365 and Azure hosted in U.S.-based Microsoft Data Centers allows you to access your email, applications and files from virtually anywhere - PC, Mac, and tablets - and they're always up to date. Azure, heart of the Cloud OS, provides an on-demand cloud server infrastructure that can eliminate the need for on-premise hardware or function with your own hardware in a hybrid environment.


Office 365 provides you with all the email and applications you have come to depend on – but now you no longer have to worry about installing and supporting software or large cash outlays to stay current. Running in a Microsoft US datacenter and accessible from anywhere is a much more attractive proposition than installing software and paying for expensive onsite support.


A suite of business solutions through Microsoft Dynamics that deliver easy-to-use cloud computing and private cloud solutions for CRM and ERP to help organizations grow fast while managing costs.


Anytime computing, as needed, anywhere – isn't that what you want for your business?

Let us help you leverage the cloud.


Virtualization and Datacenter

Virtualization services leverages the power of Windows Server Hyper-V technology to allow multiple servers to run on one physical piece of hardware or in the cloud. Virtualization reduces support costs and power needs, preserves hardware investments and allows advanced backup capabilities to quickly recover the entire server infrastructure in the case of a disaster. Hardware upgrades become as easy as a few clicks of a button, and server resources can be quickly concentrated where they are needed most without changing the hardware itself, and at no cost.


Virtualization provides multiple levels of service availability clustering or load balancing, increases the efficiency of storage practices for better security and higher availability of data without creating IT needs. With Windows Azure, you can virtualize servers and create your own private or hybrid cloud environment and achieve considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies.


Microsoft Virtualization solutions go beyond basic virtualization capabilities, such as consolidating server hardware, to create comprehensive platforms for private and hybrid cloud and your own or hosted datacenters. This means your organization can achieve considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies. Whether you want to virtualize workloads, build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or combine all three, Microsoft's virtualization and management solutions, built on Windows Server and System Center can help you better manage resources and control costs.


Imagine – your servers and technology running onsite, remotely, or both – and it doesn't matter. Business continues, the technology works, customers are happy, management is a hero and stakeholders reap the benefits.

Let us help you get the most from your technology investment.


Data needs are exploding, increasing storage costs and the headaches of storage management. Along with traditional methods of Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage-Area Networks (SANs) Microsoft server and cloud offers more options such as virtualized file-based storage suitable with Hyper-V - even through the loss of a disk or server. Microsoft StorSimple devices, combined with Microsoft Azure storage, provide cloud storage as an extended tier, automatically moving less accessed data to the cloud, while maintaining seamless integration for easy access.


Your business runs on IT. If your infrastructure goes down, so does your business. But implementing a reliable business continuity strategy can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring redundant infrastructure, complex planning, and expensive proprietary solutions. Because of this, many companies simply don't have actionable business continuity plans to protect their critical data and applications.

Expand your storage at will without large up-front investment – we can show you how

Business Continuity

New options such as Microsoft Azure Backup and Hyper-V Recovery Manager, can help you protect both data and the services that depend on it with reliable offsite data protection. The new Azure Site Recovery is a cost-effective disaster recovery solution which coordinates the replication and recovery of private clouds across sites, whether you're protecting dozens—or hundreds—of virtual machines. You can protect your applications to your own second site, a hoster's site, or even use Azure as your disaster recovery site.

For smaller needs, we offer and recommend GFI Max Backup, a cost effective and tried and true offsite backup and recovery solution. With an easy to use dashboard, data storage redundancy across multiple datacenters.  With variable Retention and Archiving capabilities  you can choose how long to retain files within the standard backup service, anytime between one and 60 days.  A few of its features include:


- Exchange Store recovery - "lost" email can be recovered lightning fast.

- Protects leading software applications.

- Enable on a server or workstation - or on all servers and workstations anywhere.

- Virtualization backup - live backups at host level,  restore an entire VM in minutes.

- Backup schedules and bandwidth throttling to suit network requirements.

- WAN optimized backup - only data which has changed is backed up.


Whether your data storage and backup needs are large or small, we have a solution to give you peace of mind and get you out of the tape or disk backup business.

Let us help you protect your data.

Additional services

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 and HyperV
  • System Center 2012 R2 and Configuration Manager
  • WIndows Intune
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Storage Design
  • Cloud and On Premise computing design

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